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Bleed Resolution and Surgery

Jivi offers hemophilia A patients more than prophylactic control


Rapid and effective bleed resolution with Jivi

Most bleeds were treated with just one infusion1


* In patients using Jivi on-demand [n=1086] and for prophylaxis [n=764]

Powerful protection for hemophilia A patients undergoing major surgery2

In the largest study to date of hemophilia A patients receiving an EHL FVIII during surgery, results demonstrated that in:*2


The results also highlight the following benefits with Jivi:

Few infusions

• 42% of major surgeries required zero or one infusions 24 hours after surgery2

Low FVIII consumption

• The mean ±SD dose of Jivi administered on the day of surgery was only 76.8 IU/kg§ (± 25.4)2

Strong safety profile

• No intraoperative bleeding complications

* 20 patients aged 13-61 years underwent 26 major surgeries, 21 of which were orthopedic surgeries (one hip replacement, 10 knee replacements and three ankle replacements, two open synovectomies, four arthroscopic procedures, and one knee/thigh hematoma evacuation), three were complex dental extractions, and two were other procedures (penile prosthesis and inguinal hernia repair). In the study, the surgeon was asked to compare the outcome with expected blood loss in patients without hemophilia undergoing comparable procedures using a four-point scale: Excellent – blood loss less than expected; Good – blood loss as expected; Moderate – blood loss more than expected; Poor – uncontrolled bleeding. Of the 26 major surgeries, 17 were assessed as Good and nine were assessed as Excellent.2

† Includes preoperative and any intraoperative infusions on the day of surgery until 0h of the following day.2

‡ 8 of 26 major surgeries required one infusion and 3 of 26 major surgeries required zero infusions.2

§ Median dose administered on day of surgery: 77.57 [42.9-136.4] IU/kg.2