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Developed by McMaster University, myWAPPS can help optimize the treatment of your patients with hemophilia

See how myWAPPS has helped a real patient be more proactive in the management of their hemophilia treatment

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Thousands of patients, in hundreds of hemophilia centers around the world, are already benefiting from WAPPS-Hemo – an innovative project that helps physicians and treatment centers manage PK data, to optimize patient treatment.

Several studies have demonstrated that PK-based tailoring of treatment may contribute to adherence and a reduction in ABR.1,2 With the help of myWAPPS, patients can take a more proactive part in their care and monitor their personalized treatment plan too.

Our sponsorship of myWAPPS (through a non-restricted educational grant to McMaster University in Canada) recognizes its value in defining the next era of personalized hemophilia treatment.

By partnering with McMaster University, we continue our commitment to provide solutions that help people with hemophilia A thrive both now and in the future.

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