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Discover the power of Jivi

EHL rFVIIIs are not the same: The difference is Jivi


Fewer Infusions:

Jivi delivers powerful protection with a 1x weekly dosing option1*

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Joint Bleed Protection:

Jivi has over 5 years of proven joint bleed protection2,3

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Superior PK:

Jivi delivers higher and more sustained FVIII levels vs other EHL FVIIIs4,7

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Proven Safety:

Jivi has the reassurance of >5 years of proven safety5,6

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See how Jivi can help your patients get more out of life

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* Please refer to local prescribing information. Not all patients are candidates for 1x weekly dosing. In non-EU countries other FVIII treatments may have previously launched – or are currently available – which also offer 1x weekly dosing.
† Based on head-to-head studies comparing the pharmacokinetic profiles of Jivi vs. rFVIII-Fc and Jivi vs. rurioctocog alfa pegol