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Engagement Programs
for Your Hemophilia Patients

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    Helping to empower patient advocates

    Patient advocates have a unique and direct insight into the needs and challenges of the hemophilia community.

    Bayer works in partnership with the Global Blood Disorders Foundation which is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization headquartered in the USA. The foundation is committed to improving health care through educational venues, leadership skills training and promoting advocacy as a tool to promote change in the bleeding disorders community in the United States and globally. It serves to accomplish its mission by:

    Providing educational opportunities through programs, conferences, meetings and seminars offered to the bleeding disorders community and healthcare providers from across the comprehensive care team.


    • Facilitating the development of educational materials to meet the needs of the bleeding disorders communities worldwide.

    • Providing a path to stronger advocating by healthcare stakeholders in the bleeding disorder communities globally through leadership development and skills training.

    • The organization works within Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, Von Willebrand Disease and Other Bleeding Disorders.

    • Its major programs include Step Up Reach Out (SURO) and A Fellowship for Integrating Responsible Mentors (AFFIRM).

    These programs are funded through a sponsorship by Bayer. To learn more or to apply please click the link below.

    Visit GBDF to apply

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    Step Up Reach Out (SURO)

    Step Up Reach Out (SURO) is a 1-year international program fostering the leadership potential of young men aged 21-25. Nominated by their local NMO, applicants are selected from a global audience and come together to learn and lead.


    It helps them understand the issues facing the global hemophilia community and to connect with other young leaders.

    To learn more or apply

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    Adult Fellowship for Integrating Responsible Mentors (AFFIRM) is an international advocacy development program for advocates aged 26–38.


    Recently expanded to women from the advocacy world in hemophilia, this program is unique to the industry and hones the skill set of a more sophisticated advocate. This 2-year program develops fellows’ leadership skills to help bring better care, programs, and treatment to their community.

    To learn more or apply

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    Hemophilia Advocacy Advisors Board

    Hemophilia Advocacy Advisors Board (HAAB) is a group of leading patient advocates dedicated to identifying unmet needs in the bleeding disorders community.

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    The International Hemophilia Access Strategy Council

    The International Hemophilia Access Strategy Council (IHASC) is a group of experts, advocates, and health economists who seek solutions to today’s changing access landscape. A primary goal for this group is to help shape the market to be receptive to ensuring access to innovation globally.

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    Support and learning for patients online

    There are many independent organizations and websites that provide advice and support for people with hemophilia and their carers. Here are some recommendations you may want to make your patients aware of.

    World Federation of Hemophilia

    The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is committed to providing global leadership to improve and sustain care for people with inherited bleeding disorders, including hemophilia. It offers a wide range of resources, support, and links to national organizations.

    Visit World Federation of Hemophilia

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    Speaking Frankly

    Speaking Frankly is a daring, distinctive website that aspires to serve as a candid, trusted resource on real issues of concern to teenagers and young adults with hemophilia worldwide.


    Supported by Bayer, this website is led by a team of writers and editors who are members and alumni of the HemLEAD programs. All content is developed by members of the community for the community.

    Visit Speaking Frankly

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